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If you’re looking for the best flooring service in the Northwest Houston – The Woodlands area, look no further than Summit Remodeling & Roofing. For years, we’ve been known for offering excellent service for flooring from Magnolia to Kingwood. We supply laminate, tile, hardwood, and vinyl for homes.

Envision a renovated bathroom. It has a uniquely built vanity, glossy countertops, your choice of fixtures, and tying it all together is beautiful tile flooring. The right flooring makes all the difference. Our very own interior designer will ensure that every element of your bathroom fits together seamlessly. We supply durable and attractive flooring from top-notch manufacturers. Come by our showroom to choose the flooring of your dreams.


A living room with hard wood floors and stone fireplace.


Flooring is an important element in your home. Good flooring:


Improves your home’s appearance

One of the first things people notice when they step into your home is the flooring. It’s in every room of your home and has a huge impact on how they look. The flooring you choose makes your rooms look frigid or warm, spacious or tiny, expensive or cheap.


Affects your home’s style and function

Your home can have carpet, wood, or tile flooring. When you’re barefoot, carpet flooring is very comfortable. For high traffic areas, tiles are a good choice and maintaining them is almost effortless. Wood is incredibly durable and looks tasteful.

Flooring can also affect a room’s temperature, so choosing wisely can help lower your energy bills. If you have children or pets, your flooring should be easy to maintain.


Helps lower your maintenance costs

Be sure to take your lifestyle into account when choosing new flooring for your home. Flooring that’s easy to clean will help you spend less money on cleaning. You also won’t have to renovate frequently if the flooring you select is durable.


A kitchen with tile floors and dark cabinets.


Increases the value of your home

Improve the look of your property with gorgeous flooring. Not only do you invest in yourself by choosing functional flooring, but you also invest in your property, which is vital if you are considering selling your house in the foreseeable future.


Can improve your health

Your flooring can impact your health. It’s important for people with allergies to select a floor that will limit the amount of allergens, such as dust, in your home.


Creative Flooring Solutions

We ensure our clients receive the flooring of their dreams, whether the project is on a small or large scale. We won’t walk away until we confirm that you are fully satisfied. We guarantee it!

So you can rely on us to supply you with products of the highest quality, ingenious solutions, and uniquely creative designs. At Summit Remodeling & Roofing, we pride ourselves on making even the most particular clients happy.


Wide Variety of Flooring Options

We provide all kinds of flooring and we install it with expert skill. You can trust us to work diligently, looking to perfect every single project. Contact us today, and we’ll transform your floors into a masterpiece.


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